From a very early age I was drawn to the natural world and animals in particular, spending as much of my time as possible in the springs and summers of my childhood in Northern California collecting caterpillars, lizards, frogs, rescuing the baby birds that had fallen from nests, and worrying my mom when I disappeared for hours to commune with the natural world that was the creek that ran near our subdivision. At the same time, I was discovering a love of photography as I helped my dad, an avid amateur photographer, in the darkroom he had fashioned in our family bathroom.
As I negotiated the years of college, veterinary school, then veterinary practice at the same time as motherhood, photography and other passions took a bit of a backseat. Now, with retirement from active practice, I have been able to meld my passions in a way that I hope will leave a positive footprint on the Earth.
My goal for my photography is for it to personally connect you to the wild things of the natural world. I hope that in my images you can see the heart and soul of the creatures we share our planet with and that you will feel the urgency that I do conserve these species and their environment.
My goal for anyone coming on my safaris is first to learn about and connect with the natural world. If you are coming with photography as a goal or on a photography specific safari, my goal is for you to learn to the technical aspects well enough that you can be comfortable and start to truly connect with your subject so that can be reflected in your work. If you are an advanced photographer, then I strive to share my experience in the field working with changing light, knowing and anticipating animal behavior, and connecting you with some of the best guides you will ever meet in the most spectacular locations in the world for wildlife photography. 
The goal for my safari business is to support conservation and humanitarian projects in East Africa through ecotourism and by reinvestment and donation of profits generated by the safaris. No money will leave Africa. All proceeds will be channeled back into ecotourism and donated to support deserving conservation and humanitarian projects.

North American Nature Photographers Association

Sometimes you need to put down the camera and enjoy the moment. Here I'm having a cuddle with  Orwa who is a David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ex-orphan who still comes back for some love.

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